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Four Tips For Spring Cleaning

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While most people and companies were working on keeping their spaces clean through the pandemic, there were some challenges with keeping everyone safe. People were not coming to work and were getting as much as possible, done remotely primarily because of the new rules and regulations. Some essential services had to keep their stores or offices open and would work on making sure they regularly cleaned their spaces and were getting through the process.

When we were working with our clients and assisting them with their spring cleaning requirements, we learned that many wanted to work on smaller changes to their homes especially because they were spending a lot more time indoors. During the pandemic, most companies had their staff work remotely, especially with restrictions which were quite challenging to get through. A few months in, many wanted to renovate their floors to assist with the cleaning process.

Here are some pointers we put together to assist with their spring cleaning, and recommend that our clients try working on these to create a new and clean home vibe. If they are still not happy with the outcome, we can have more detailed conversations with them about changing or redoing their floors.

Tip #1: Declutter
When it comes to the floor, there are times when there is a lot of stuff lying around or brought down from furniture it was atop, when in a hurry to get through it. We recommend that people spend some time putting everything in the right place. There are times when our clients find that just moving things around changes the look of the room and some bits of furniture that can be piled on top of others which provide the best setting for the room.

Tip #2: Dust and vacuum
When moving furniture, you would get the opportunity to dust and clean behind other bits of furniture. We also tell our clients to go through everything with a fine tooth comb. Before vacuuming the floors, make sure that you have dusted the room thoroughly otherwise you would be going back in circles. It would get their floors additionally shiny which would bring out the previous color of their tiles, or floors, depending on the type of floors they have.

Tip #3: Disinfection
When getting through the process, something that might not have been an issue in the past but is a much bigger deal nowadays, especially with COVID is sanitizing the place to keep everyone safe. We recommend getting a professional team who would be able to assist with the requirements and make sure that the house is clean. If this is a business establishment or office, we recommend having thorough disinfection more than once a week. It might cost some, but if people are coming into the office, you want everyone to be safe, and that is a necessity.

Tip #4: Focus on tubs, sinks, and toilets
When it comes to getting clean floors, tubs and toilets can change the look of the bathroom. You want to make sure you have the right mix of everything. Additionally, when it comes to spring cleaning, these are some of the most challenging places you would have to work on cleaning up, so it would take you more time which makes all the difference.

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