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Common Flooring Mistakes To Watch Out For

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Flooring is an essential factor in any home, both for livability and resale value. One of the first things that prospective purchasers see regarding a listing, the kind or types of flooring in a property that can enhance or reduce a home’s appeal. It’s also one of the most common factors that buyers change during improvements and home repairs. Fortunately, today’s homeowners have a wide variety of flooring material options and price ranges from which to choose. Whether you’re selecting new floors or living with the ones you have, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

1. Putting hardwood or laminate in the kitchen
The one thing to learn is laminate flooring is not great when it comes to moisture. To avoid some typical laminate floor installation mistakes is to choose your location wisely. Kitchens, baths, entryways can all be questionable; when exposed to moisture for extended periods, the dampness could distort and stain the flooring. While some products promise to be water-resistant or seal laminate floor falls with a sealant, you may find more suitable flooring choices for high moisture areas. While laminate floors may seem a less costly option upfront, it will cost you more in the long run as they will require to be substituted more often.

2. Installing the material incorrectly
When picking the best flooring option for your property, you should make the right decision. Your first preference should be durability when choosing any flooring material. It is more than necessary to select the flooring material that will enhance the condition of your property by providing you with a better return on investment for years. It is also imperative that you have a basic understanding of different flooring materials and their pros and cons. The knowledge will assist you in choosing suitable flooring types for every section of your apartment. If you don’t have much information, you should consider an expert who will help you select appropriate materials.

3. Hiring an unprofessional person
You’ve heard the proverb you get what you pay for? This same approach is employed when installing flooring. Few people can quote less in installing flooring because they are not professionals and don’t know what they are doing. When we mention our services, we usually will provide you with the total cost of the job, knowing that we will utilize the best methods and the best materials. Anything less than that would be wrong to you, the customer. So make sure you hire the right person and request references from your installer. Check their online reviews too. 

4. Not hiring a flooring specialist
Would you hire a doctor to fix your car? It sounds like a ridiculous question, but many homeowners don’t understand that they can’t just choose an everyday handyman to do flooring. They will make mistakes because they don’t do the job day in and day out. It’s best if you do not risk hiring a handyman and choose a flooring specialist that would do it right the first time. Why utilize your time and money with floor installation when you could get a specialist to do all of the hard work and get an expert to ensure your floor not only looks great but lasts for many years.

5. Cleaning the floor with water and a mop
Every floor is different, and these variations, such as flooring material, the finish and even the way you installed it, alter the right way to clean it. To best clean, your flooring is to make sure you know what kind of material it is. Whether it’s travertine or ceramic floorings, it’s necessary to see the element before starting to clean. Each type of floor requires the right cleaning products. When you wash a wood floor, keep the volume of soapy water to a minimum and use a cleaning product made for wood. 

6. Buying cheap material 
It is common to think of ways of how you can cut down flooring costs for your home. However, settling for inferior sub-standard flooring products isn’t a viable solution for reducing the cost of your flooring. The questionable choice will only win you a slot among tons of homeowners who live in regret. Most homeowners end up digging deep into their pockets as a price for their irrational logic. Cheap is expensive in the long run, and it won’t take a few months before hiring another flooring contractor to fix the mess. So choose well. 

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