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COVID-19 And The Changes With Every Business And Industry

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The COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected every business and industry, causing many people to lose their jobs and companies to shut down. When the virus initially hit, no one knew enough about it, with everyone thinking that it would pass off in some time. Everyone initially thought that it would be around for a couple of months at best, but now, almost a year later, not much has changed, and we are all learning to live with it.

With the new rules and restrictions, people were not spending the way they were in the past. They would only select items, and essential commodities, which meant tasks like doing up their floor were no longer urgent, and we pushed to the back burner. 

For the longest time, we were unsure how we would get through the process, with work slowing down at the beginning of the pandemic. However, as time passed, markets were opening up again, and we noticed that our decreased revenue gathered debt, and for the most part, we were struggling to stay afloat. 

Overall, we saw many changes coming about with the pandemic, and the slow business was a chance for us to adapt and get stronger, while we were working on renewing the new rules. We knew things were not going to go back to normal for some time, and we were implementing the changes and adapting to them so we could move forward. We also wanted to make sure we came out as a stronger company, trying to work the new rules so we were efficient and we found a way to benefit from them.

We had to make a lot of changes to the way we were handling our work. Another issue with the work we were handing was that it could only be in person, and people were not open to meeting one another, being afraid of spreading the virus. We had to be careful and make sure we were following all protocols when coordinating with clients.

Additionally, we had to make sure that the clients were open to meeting us as well. When it comes to our communication, we changed the previous approach of having people come into the office and meet us. We were now only coordinating our meetings over phone or video calls as long as our clients were open to the process we were using.

For the most part, we are remote working and getting as much as we can from our houses. However, there are times that I do head into the office to coordinate some of the work there. When it comes to our clients, we prefer meeting at the office as compared to the house.

There were many challenges to working from home, so we had to make sure we were spending enough time getting our work done and not only running errands. Every day had a new distraction, whether the dog barking, kids calling, errands needing attention, or broken items needing fixing, there was always something or the other.

When it comes to the office, peace is one of the most accepted changes, which we do not usually find when working from home. Clients have to book an appointment before coming to the office to ensure everyone we are coordinating with is safe. We do not allow the people coming in to be in contact with anyone. We make sure we clean all the places we work with and the ones that might have many people coming in touch with them.

We have to disinfect surfaces, and objects like phones, tablets, and ATM cards that people touch without thinking about. Whenever we use any of these, we are sure we disinfect ourselves to stay safe. We make sure that we use hand sanitizers as well and keep cleaning our hands. We also maintain social distance and stay six feet apart when we are standing in lines and queues. We always wear masks and participate in temperature checks, so we were safe and not spreading the Coronavirus.

With the massive changes taking place, we reduced the amount of time spent at the office. We now coordinate most of our work from home and are at the showroom from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm.

When it comes to coordinating with clients, we do not use specific software because our work doesn’t need it. However, we were keeping in touch with our clients through email and social media. Additionally, they could always get in touch in touch with us by just picking up their phones and giving us a call. We are never difficult to get in touch with. We are even on video calling platforms and more than happy to talk to our clients using Zoom and Whatsapp if they prefer.

The showroom is currently open to the public, but we can cater to a limited capacity. We continue to provide people with assistance if they are browsing and know what they want. We have worked on some projects during the lockdown because we made commitments to clients pre the pandemic. We have planned our participation in virtual public events and business expos to better connect with the audience.

While many have been severely affected by the pandemic, we are quite fortunate to have our health, and so much we tend to take for granted. We have to remind ourselves that we are going through a global pandemic affecting the whole world. I am learning to be thankful for everything that we have around us.

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